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Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-31T21:33:39+05:00
Why Pakistani Pickle especially Shikarpur Achaar is so famous?2020-07-29T11:45:22+05:00

Pakistani culture is enriched with tastes. Shikarpur Achaar is famous for its unique taste. This taste is result of our ingredients locally sources. Go ahead and bring more than 30 flavors on your dining table.

Do your Products have any preservatives?2020-07-29T11:35:38+05:00


All Our Pickles & Chutney are made without any Added Preservatives, no Articial colous & no Added MSG. This is what Shikarpur Achaar is famous for. 🙂

Are you delivering Achaar online?2020-07-29T11:27:17+05:00

Yes, all our Achaar, Chutney Products are available for purchase online. We are delivering currently. 🙂

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